Sophie Stephens

Growing up in an artistic family and in a UNESCO city of Literature (Iowa City, Iowa), I was immersed in writing at a young age. I would spend my free time writing short stories and starting novels I would never finish. I didn’t know any other kids my age that would be writing, and soon replaced this pastime with school work and sports. I never really saw writing as more than a hobby until high school. I loved my English classes at school and jumped into the English Honors curriculum as soon as I could. Sophomore year I decided to take an Introductory journalism class and instantly fell in love; I was reconnected with writing in a way that was exciting and new and bigger than me. Through journalism I found structure that I lacked in creative writing. I could use my creativity built through independent writing to report. I soon became an editor for the school publication and started getting published on the school website. I started Verbiage shortly after applying for the journalism staff and have used it to publish both journalistic writings–original and pre-published through the school–as well as creative writing I have done for fun in my free time. The summer after my junior year of high school–just one year after joining the newspaper staff–I attended the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute. There I studied journalism in a college setting for five weeks, expanding my writing knowledge beyond what I could have ever learned at my high school. I am currently pursuing a journalism degree and eventual journalism occupation after college. Verbiage is an outlet to share all of my writing from a multitude of genres. I hope I can share my best work, displaying a well-rounded blog filled with writing I am excited and passionate about as I continue to grow as a writer.