Must-have fall 2018 top that’s already in your closet

By Sophie Stephens

Fast fashion has made it economically impossible for fashionistas like myself to keep up with the ever-changing styles that are on trend just during the span of one season. Thrift shopping has had a huge increase in pop culture because of the cheap, reusable finds. But here’s one outfit you can put together using something everyone already owns: button up shirts.

I have recently become absolutely obsessed with styling a deemed “professional” collared, button up shirt with high waisted shorts or jeans and wearing it out to school, family dinner, work or just to the mall. It is such an effortless, clean look that can be styled using items you already own, and can be dressed up or down with shoes, jewelry and makeup.


By folding up the back of the shirt to hit the edge of the bottoms you are pairing it with, keep the shirt unbuttoned and pull the two sides to your belly button. From here you can tie the shirt however you like. Depending on the size and or length of the shirt, I like to either tie the shirt loosely and leave the excess fabric hanging down or tie the shirt into a tight knot and tuck in the ends to hide them.

Then, button up the top, leaving the top 1-2 buttons undone to give the shirt more room to move. Now, cuff the sleeves to the desired length, leaving the sleeves a little tussled or uneven so as not to make the shirt look too perfect.

This styling is definitely going to be one of my go-to’s this fall for an easy, put-together look. You can mix the look up with layers including sweaters over the shirt or bralettes and tank tops underneath the top.

So, instead of going out multiple times this season to keep up with the top brand’s fast fashion, take a page out of the thrifting book and reuse some items you already own.


*Recommended colors for fall button up shirts: white, maroon, beige/tan/taupe, blue, gold*


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