About me

I love to read and write, and have since I was very little. I always knew that writing was a passion of mine, even before I knew writing could be more than a hobby: a lifestyle.

I was the only kid I knew that would spend their free time reading or writing. By age 12 I had begun to write a novel during my written expression class warm-up at school. It was a terrible novel with no plot or character development, but I did accomplish to hand write nearly 40 wide-ruled lined papers that school year.

Not only did I enjoy reading and writing, I was obsessed with editing. I absolutely LOVED making grammar and punctuation and spelling corrections on anything I could get my hands on. My 5th grade teacher even let me edit her weekly parent newsletter! In 7th and 8th grade one of the best English teachers I would ever have encouraged me to share my writing with real live people (something I had always been too shy to do) and I even entered some of my fictional writing into contests.

I looked forward to reading challenging texts and writing and correcting essays in my middle and high school English classes. I am now an editor on my high school’s newspaper and have found my voice in writing all over again. But not before losing my way in writing.

I was an athlete since birth. I have played 7 sports in my lifetime and only just dropped my last sport about a year ago. You can expect I was a little busy. By the time I was transitioning between middle school and high school I all but abandoned writing in pursuit of a high school sports career, a thespian, or a musician. Just not writing.

I have never forgotten about writing. I keep an ongoing list of novel ideas or news articles to write or snippets of writing I want to somehow include. I have just recently picked up writing again within the past year, but I can honestly say it is the best I have felt in a long time, thanks to words.