Novel conversations

By Sophie Stephens A recent rise in minority authors has kickstarted a literary movement that tackles issues like racism and police brutality through young adult fiction. Books like “Dear Martin” provide a way to bring students together through understanding each other’s backgrounds. The 2017-18 climate survey revealed that minority students at West felt unsafe, unwelcome or targeted … Continue reading Novel conversations

Excerpt: Just Before the Dawn (Sicut Ante Lucem)

By Sophie Stephens Page 61-62 “What do you write, when you come to the park?” Cooper asked me. “Anything. Anything that comes to mind. Sometimes I just write about what I hear or see or smell. Other times I add to my ongoing story.” “Write something for me.” “What?” “I know you keep your leather … Continue reading Excerpt: Just Before the Dawn (Sicut Ante Lucem)

Excerpt: Just Before the Dawn (Sicut Ante Lucem)

Excerpt from NaNoWriMo 2017 Page 11 By Sophie Stephens Looking back now, I realize how much I enjoyed those days. Rosie and Elliot by my side, floating through the halls, unnoticed enough to be in our own little world, planning out our futures together. I even miss the jocks, always a constant source of entertainment … Continue reading Excerpt: Just Before the Dawn (Sicut Ante Lucem)

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are a newly prevailing form of self-harm that is used by a growing number of teenagers to lose weight or change their body shape, and can be influenced by a number of societal and psychological pressures. Although believed to be harmless, eating disorders can lead to a number of health problems.