Hard work pays off, but money does too

One of the most cliché pieces of advice we’ve all heard growing up is that hard work pays off. For the most part, this has proven to be true. Take the “miracle stories” of people working their way from the lower-class to making millions because of their dedication and ability to push themselves towards chasing … Continue reading Hard work pays off, but money does too

Excerpt: Just Before the Dawn (Sicut Ante Lucem)

An excerpt from my NaNoWriMo novel, page one. By Sophie Stephens. 1 December 2017. I have a strange love of words. Any words will do, really: nouns or adverbs or adjectives. When I feel something or think something I can’t express on my own, words are always there to help me out. If there aren’t … Continue reading Excerpt: Just Before the Dawn (Sicut Ante Lucem)

Plus-sized problems

Although lifestyle affecting the average American women’s size has been changing for a long time, stereotypes and acceptance have been slow to adapt. With the growing popularity of plus size models and body activists, the fashion world is on its way to accepting things that have been considered taboo in the fashion world. But are plus size women actually receiving the acceptance they deserve?