Sophie Stephens



Iowa City West High school class of 2019


Five years traditional Spanish in school (can read and write with advanced proficiency).

Teaching myself French for five months (novice, can read, write and speak with little proficiency, one tense, simple phrases)

Awards and Honors:

Best of SNO:

Won for news article about MLK day, 2018

IHSPA Honorable Mention:

Honors awarded for multimedia feature story on test anxiety 2018

Youth salute:

Chosen to interview and apply for scholarship based on leadership and academic achievements, 2018

National Honor Society 2018

Quill and Scroll honor society 2018-2019


Northwestern-Medill Journalism Institute, 2018:

Highly selective five-week residency for U.S. and international high school students. Included writing, editing, photography, video, producing, graphics and digital media.

West Side Story, 2017-present:

Wrote news articles, profiles, trend stories, news-features and editorials. Created and edited podcasts. SNO website, Audacity, Infogram, Piktochart, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign proficiency. Attended IHSPA conference 2017 and Media Now Drake camp 2017. Started personal WordPress blog. Started a Humans of New York chapter at my school. (2017). Online feature editor and online managing editor. Implemented new deadline extension sheets and organization for grades and assignments 2018. West Side Story received the All-Iowa News Team of the Year award (2017-18, 2018-19) and a Pacemaker award (2018).

Volunteering 2013-present:

Six years on the Coralville Public Library Teen Advisory Board. Plan and run summer reading programs for elementary school through high school students. Help plan activities during school as well. Worked with TAB to plan and work at community meals and other events. Help shelve books and do other housekeeping jobs.

Retail sales associate 2017-present:

Worked at Dry Goods selling high end clothing to a diverse range of customers, and currently work at Francesca’s Boutique as a stylist. Work one-on-one with customers to create full outfits. Expand customer service skills and practice interviewing people when asking customers what they are looking for and why while also getting to know them personally in order to create outfits they would buy.



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