Novel conversations

By Sophie Stephens A recent rise in minority authors has kickstarted a literary movement that tackles issues like racism and police brutality through young adult fiction. Books like “Dear Martin” provide a way to bring students together through understanding each other’s backgrounds. The 2017-18 climate survey revealed that minority students at West felt unsafe, unwelcome or targeted … Continue reading Novel conversations

Excerpt: Just Before the Dawn (Sicut Ante Lucem)

An excerpt from my NaNoWriMo novel, page one. By Sophie Stephens. 1 December 2017. I have a strange love of words. Any words will do, really: nouns or adverbs or adjectives. When I feel something or think something I can’t express on my own, words are always there to help me out. If there aren’t … Continue reading Excerpt: Just Before the Dawn (Sicut Ante Lucem)