The repeal of diversity in fashion

The fashion industry is reversing model inclusion by cutting corners and creating “digital models,” models completely computerized, in an attempt to lower the necessity and cost of real women.


Must-have fall 2018 top that’s already in your closet

By Sophie Stephens Fast fashion has made it economically impossible for fashionistas like myself to keep up with the ever-changing styles that are on trend just during the span of one season. Thrift shopping has had a huge increase in pop culture because of the cheap, reusable finds. But here's one outfit you can put … Continue reading Must-have fall 2018 top that’s already in your closet

Plus-sized problems

Although lifestyle affecting the average American women’s size has been changing for a long time, stereotypes and acceptance have been slow to adapt. With the growing popularity of plus size models and body activists, the fashion world is on its way to accepting things that have been considered taboo in the fashion world. But are plus size women actually receiving the acceptance they deserve?